Friday, July 2, 2010

Favourite Things

A few weeks ago a friend of mine sent me a joke about the differences between dogs and cats. In the joke, everything the dog did during the day was his "favourite thing" whether it was eating, sleeping on the bed or taking a car ride. On the other hand, the cat was convinced that everything that came his way was part of a plot by his "captors" to drive him insane. Now, if you have had a cat or a dog, this joke is funny because it is very true. Cats and dogs are very different. But the joke also got me thinking. How many times is my way of thinking like a dog, where everything I do and everything that happens is my "favourite thing", and how many times is it more like a cat, where everything is a plot to drive me insane? I wish I could say that I'm totally like the dog, but, like most people, I can't. My way I think depends on a lot of things - my mood, the weather (I always am more positive when it is sunny out!) and how well I slept among them. But the joke really made me become more aware of how I'm thinking and I'm trying to be more like a dog than a cat. So what are you, a dog or a cat?