Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I attended a workshop on Creating Abundance a couple of weeks ago. During the workshop the facilitator, Rev. Lori Hisson, said something that has stuck with me ever since. What she said was, "Another person's truth is not necessarily your reality". This really hit home with me. Ever since I started my own business people have been saying things to me like, "it will be really difficult with the economy the way it is" and "there is so much competition out there, other coaches have had to give up their businesses. You may have to too." At first comments like these really got me down. Yes the economy is tough right now and unemployment is high. And yes, there are a lot of coaches in London. However, as Rev. Lori said, this doesn't have to be my reality.

A good example of this principle is Kingsmill's, a department store in downtown London that has been in business for 145 years. It is one of the few remaining independent department stores in Canada. Now you would think that, given the hard economic times of the past couple of years, Kingsmill's would be feeling the pinch. After all they carry high-end, quality merchandise and are located downtown where parking is sometimes difficult to find. This is not the case. Kingsmill's recently won the 2010 Retailer of the Year award from the Canadian Gift and Tableware Association, one of retail's highest achievements. They received this award in recognition of their high quality of service, their innovative marketing and their unique customer experience. They may be 145 years old but they have worked hard to keep up with the times. So instead of laying off staff and lowering their standards, they have thrived, actually expanding their offerings and hiring new staff. What is one retailers truth (and I can think of several retailers including Linens and Things, that have closed their doors over the past two years) isn't their reality.

I'm sure that we can all think of examples of comments well-meaning friends have made that are meant to shield us from hurt and disappointment but instead serve to discourage us and cause us to give up our dreams. But remember, we have a choice. We can choose to believe that their truth will be our reality and give up on our dreams or we can say to ourselves, "well that may be true of so-and-so but it doesn't have to happen to me" and keep right on moving forward. I'm sure that many people told Thomas Edison that his idea would never work or that other people had tried and failed. But he just kept plugging away (sorry about the pun) and now we have light!

It can be difficult remaining confident and positive in the face of all these "helpful" comments. Tap into your support system of trusted friends who are supportive of your dreams when you find yourself in need of a confidence boost. Working with a coach can also help you to not only build your confidence but also to put together a plan that will enable you reach your dreams. So remember, another person's truth does not necessarily have to be your reality, and go for it! The sky is the limit!